Ahoy! 🏴‍☠️ I’m Josh.

I’m a software developer living in Berlin. I currently work at Pitch and have previously worked at Contentful and Webflow.

Professionally I do full-stack development, primarily focusing on the frontend. Most of my experience has been in React, with some work in Node.js and Ruby on Rails. Beyond strictly programming I’ve led a few initiatives and have worked with the teams I’ve been on to identify and improve team setup and various processes. I’ve also participated in or led in-depth discussions about application architectural decisions and enjoy working to get everyone on the same page, to have a shared understanding of complex problems. I also sometimes code for fun and I do have a few small open source projects on Github.

This website contains my resume (CV) as well as a couple posts, and is proudly made using Pollen.

Want to get in touch? You can write to me — ahoy, that round circled a glyph (cough, <a‍t>, cough), the domain name.